Sunday, February 16, 2014

Please Read!

Just got this email address back after about two years! Wow, it's been a while. Since then, I've made a new Stardoll fashion blog. Please follow it, it's updated every other day, at least!


Cierra Monét

Monday, April 16, 2012


I decided to do an outfit of the day. 
I wanted to start something new on the blog maybe to bring some more people in.
Our competition has been a failure so far so I'm going to lower the participants to 20 people.
Anyway, I wanted to do an outfit of the day, Well more like week.
Every week I will show you an outfit that I put together.
So the first one is:

Click to Enlarge.

Shoes: Pretty in Pink Tan Pleather Platforms
Socks: It Girl Brown Socks
Pants: Decades Jodhpurs Pants
Shirt: It Girl V Neck Tank
Over Shirt: Archive Blouse Inspired By Balenciaga
Bandana: Rio Bandana

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Hottest Designs"

Uhh... can somebody tell me why these are  the "hottest designs," because I'm confused. I remember when there were people with actual talented on topping the design charts. 

"Oh hey. I'm gonna splash some paint on my dress and put some stickers on it. I'll definitely get a top design!!!!"


C i e r r a  M o n é t

not to offend anyone, but come on. Seriously?

Free IT Girls Bag

I'm almost positive this offer is available in all countries.
Click HERE to go to the Stardoll Offers page. Then all you have to do is connect a Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. account to get this page.

C i e r r a  M o n é t


Click HERE to go to oliwcia_paris

     I'm not sure why, but I fell in love with this outfit the moment I saw it. I just think it's gorgeous, you? I'm not really feeling the shoes with this outfit, but who cares; the rest is wonderful. I've been seeing many dolls and girls in the real world wearing these brightly colored trousers, skinny jeans, or leggings. They're certainly a "gotta-have-them." I love how she use a dark skirt underneath her pants to make it seem like that was the backside of the coat showing through. Overall, it's just beautiful. Love it.

What she's wearing:
3 various blouses
It Girls - Pencil Skirt
Tingleing - Wonderland Coat
Stardesign Pants
Basics - Blue Bandeau
Fallen Angel - Hot Buys Bag
Bonjour Bizou - Bracelet Clutch
It Girls - Belt
2 pairs of shoes
RIO - Cher Cap

Brightly coloured pants- Gotta have them, or gotta leave them?

*Quick Announcement*
I'm now working for The Unexplained of Stardoll! It's a great up-and-coming Stardoll blog. Please, we'd both appreciate if you followed the blog! Also maybe were active? If you can be? Please, thank you.

 C i e r r a  M o n é t

Monday, April 9, 2012

WWST- April 9th

 What was she thinking? Oh wait...she wasn't.


Seriously, what was she thinking? First of all, you don't spend 177 stardollars on a  Gold rose pin, so you can't stick it on your 8 stardollar-jean jacket. Secondly, you don't spend 177 stardollars on a Gold rose pin. Last but not least, you don't try to use a giant shirt as a skirt, underneath a tank top. Truly, I have no idea how to explain this outfit. I wouldn't even call it an outfit; I mean she's wearing a shirt as a skirt. 


So, then I was thinking, how do you fix a fashion disaster? Well, it's not easy when you go into your closet and have about 4 pages of free items, and then a handful of decent clothing. So, this is about as good as I could come up with. I didn't really want to alter the outfit that much, so I kept the jean jacket and striped tank top, and used the same sort of white heels. Of course it's not perfect, but hey, it's not how it was before.

Opinions anyone?

C i e r r a  M o n é t

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bonjour Bizou Spring Collection 2012!

Don't you just love the spring collection of Bonjour Bizou? It just brings me joy when I see it; I love it so much :D. I love the bright colours and the feeling of happiness it brings, don't you? What's your opinions and thoughts on the spring collection?